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DIY Wardrobe Success




An in-depth guide to helping women identify their core values and build a wardrobe that is a spokesperson for those values. From discovering your ‘style sleeve values’, readers can follow the step by step process to effectively do a DIY Wardrobe Diet and build a successful wardrobe moving forwards.

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Outfits in Minutes provides in-depth insights into a new approach to dressing for your style, footwear shapes and meanings and practical advice for wearing and combining colours.

In this compact guide packed full of clever formulas and techniques, we take you on a journey of learning and discovery, to help you achieve the ultimate goal of creating flattering outfits which represent you at your best

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Ideal for:

  • Entrepreneurs and business owners, Executive PA & EAs, working and retired Professionals, Graduates and First Jobbers

  • Someone keen to move away from traditional styling books and find a more mindful and authentic approach to style education and dressing



What are the future opportunities your wardrobe is blocking you from? Does your lifestyle and wardrobe have a difference of opinion?

 I want to help you curate and design a wardrobe that works for the life that you live. Together we will remove the blocks preventing you from having the wardrobe and looks you desire, detox and streamline what you have and help create some better shopping habits moving forwards.

A mindful, therapeutic and practical morning or afternoon wardrobe detox

Ideal for:

  • High level entrepreneurs and business owners, Executive PA & EAs, High level working or retired professionals

  • Someone who realises that there are some wardrobe habits they would like to tackle but are not sure how to

  • Someone keen to find create signature grab & go looks in their wardrobe and identify the clothes to buy in the shops


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Would you like to build your personal brand and style in a luxury bespoke morning or afternoon session?

An assisted luxury shopping day experience for the successful woman

Ideal for:

  • High level entrepreneurs and business owners, Executive PA & EAs, High level professionals, Individuals who want to dress for the job and/or life they want

  • Someone who has time to spend in a few pre-selected stores.

  • Someone keen to find clothes fit for purpose to work across key areas of her life and work


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