The Wardrobe Diet

 Imagine the relief of building a holistic wardrobe that just isn’t extremes of sassy networker vs ‘behind my laptop’ casual, but with outfits that work across every area of your life. Imagine being able to get ready in a flash and get out the door in under 30mins!

Welcome to the Wardrobe of your dreams…………

The Mini & Maxi Wardrobe Diets  helps you audit and restyle your wardrobe to leave it trim and lean ready to face all that you, your life and your business demands.

So how do we do this? Well there are 2 options:

A MINI Wardrobe Diet – A quick turnaround diet in just 3hrs

Standing in front of your wardrobe what do you see? Clothes that don’t scream ‘I own my own business’? No immediate ‘Grab & Go’ looks for that new client meeting or pitch?

This is for you if

  • You already know what your style is but need a seasonal update
  • You require some specific help to create ‘families’ of clothes that work together to carry you through a month or a business trip
  • Maybe you who just wants some ‘Grab & Go’ outfits pulled together for you by an expert
  • You need an objective and honest eye on a few items to decide what to keep and ditch

Forget the old habits of going shopping and then coming home only to realise you’ve already got 2 black shift dresses and 3 grey tops. This package gives you an ultimate Shop Smart template of what colours & styles are right for you and an immediate Wardrobe Checklist so you know what the gaps are and how to fill them.


How do we do this together

  1. In person at your house or Via Skype- 3 hrs £325 (excluding travel costs)


MAXI Wardrobe Diet – A longer wardrobe solution

This comprehensive package leaves you emerging as an UnLtd butterfly; feeling lighter, less cluttered and with a clear happy wardrobe sanctuary.

This is for you if

  • You only have a few things in your wardrobe that ‘feel’ like you as oppose to all of it
  • You feel like you have moved on in your life and business but your wardrobe is lagging behind
  • You want to create a wardrobe that is authentic to you and don’t know where to start
  • You are leading a super hectic life and your wardrobe is really slowing you down in the mornings

We assess your wardrobe, life and business/work, look at your shopping patterns and set some future goals. From your personal style & colour results, we detox your wardrobe together. We discuss the stumbling blocks in your wardrobe and plan best steps forward. By reviewing your current mindset towards shopping, clothes and your wardrobe, this day vavooms your wardrobe with renewed love.

Move over ‘I have nothing to wear’ as we create ‘grab & go’ outfits effortlessly for work or play and help plan how you can ‘shop smarter’ in the future to fill the gaps.

What you will receive

  • Full Style clarity and how to dress for your entrepreneur profile
  • Clarity on your Wardrobe USP and how to express it
  • Help creating fabulous ‘Grab & Go’ outfits and how to build families of outfits that work together for all areas of your life
  • Guidance on how to wear colours & mix styles of clothes
  • Guidance on what to shop for and where
  • A Shop Smart template of what colours & styles are right for you and an immediate Wardrobe Checklist so you know what the gaps are and how to fill them, plus a Personal brand vision board of items on your need to buy list sourced by yours truly!

This package helps female entrepreneurs and business owners create a wardrobe that enables them to be confident and be ‘visible’ for their business. By feeling comfortable in your business presentation you will be more confident to achieve greater sell in with clients. By engaging  fully with you, your wardrobe and your shopping habits and laying the right foundations now, you will have the tools to continue crafting a wardrobe that’s right for you after I have left your home.


This MAXI session will streamline your life, save you money in the long run and peel back all those barriers to let your personal brand style shine.

How do we do this together

  1. In person at your house or Via Skype- 5hrs  £575


So if this is you or you feel you maybe somewhere in between and want to dig deep into some of your wardrobe woes please complete the form below I will be in touch for a Style Clarity Session

If you would like to discuss the service before buying please get in touch here or email samantha[at]zukuriunltd[dot]com