Media Maven or People’s Person?

Your Style Sleeve and Entrepreneur Style profile

It helps to visually understand the different types of entrepreneur profiles we at Zukuri UnLtd believe exist.

So what are the 6 Entrepreneur profiles?

The Creative Hipster – creative, casual, extreme style the better, free to wear what they please

Operates in a loose and free capacity – maybe in events or generally in the creative arena where pushing your individuality is key. Works in hubs, cafe, own office/studio or from home. Out and about on the scene & in clients homes

Signature issues:

  • Creating outfits that are a true reflection of their personality
  • Playing with comfy casual or clashing prints, masculine/feminine looks, flats and quirky shapes
  • Chic comfortwear with a twist to look great whilst running around
  • Funky looking holdall for camera, notepad, iPad & iPhone
  • Every day is an adventure in their wardrobe and their clients expect the unexpected


The People Person – need approachability as working with many and but not formal with a twist

Operates either at their own practice or home, via Skype, in person. Giving talks to small and large audiences – Coaches, marketing, media and PR professionals.

Signature issues:

  • Likes outfits that show approachability as coaches covering an extreme nature of topics – clients need to feel welcomed, put at ease by your ‘dress’
  • Sourcing unique wardrobe USP items to stand out- accessories, scarves etc
  • One off or vintage items mixed with high street, charity or designer
  • Foldable flats and kitten heels for travelling about the city as well as a sturdy shoulder bag for iPad/laptop etc
  • Needs ‘grab and go’ outfits for networking and giving talks, off the cuff client drinks


The Traditionalist – accounting/finance/legal – tradition meets femininity

Operates in a fairly corporate or professional environment. Industries perhaps Accounting/Finance/Legal/Marketing & PR/Government

Signature issues:

  • Differentiating yourself but still remaining professional – creating wardrobe USPs
  • Balancing the fine art of tradition and femininity
  • Signature tailoring in suits and dresses – finding cost effective items that go the distance
  • Crisp quality shirts and blouses
  • Great heels at sturdy heights – high or kitten heel
  • Need to be ‘ready for anything’ – client dinners, entertaining, pitches
  • More spending on investment items – good coats, shoes, bags


The Homeworkerrelaxed chic, not so client facing but needs to be ready for that Skype call and anything else

Mainly works from home (duh!) or the odd co-working hub/Jelly. Either a new start up, mumpreneur or one who predominantly works from home with ad-hoc casual meetings and Skype calls. Covering a variety of professions – writers, coaches, artists, VAs, holistic health, illustrators – list is endless…..

Signature issues:

  • Comfort, breathable and flexible fabrics are key as well as the ability to be ‘ready for anything’ that is simple, natural
  • Low key make up
  • Interesting to look at tops that have some unique features for Skype calls
  • Invest in great basics – high quality
  • Colour blocking – identify best colours near the face for Skype call
  • Interesting detailing around the neck also, for a little extra kick on a call
  • Good fitting jackets, shoes or other USPs to make you feel special and jazz up a casual base outfit for a meeting at a cafe or in between to the school run


The Globetrotter/Location Independent – versatile traveller – always on the move

Travels a lot or is location independent. Travel light and needs a tight capsule closet. Can work anywhere via Skype. Maybe travels to meet clients abroad so needs to pack efficiently

Signature issues:

  • Simple, portable wardrobe with 1 or 2 professional outfits that are multipurpose
  • Comfort is key as well as the ability to be ‘ready for anything’- so a good evening outfit, cardigans to cover arms for evenings or to Arab countries
  • Creating a great capsule combination of separates which mix well to cover many days
  • Multi-purpose outerwear
  •  Tops some unique feature for Skype calls
  • Invest in great basics – high quality comfort fabrics
  • Colour blocking – great colours near the face for Skype calls
  • Great travel bags for versatility and the essentials laptop, charger etc


The Media Maven – high profile speaker, media scrutiny & spotlight needs constant change – can’t be seen dead in the same thing. Top level CEOs, high profile speakers, presenters.

Signature issues:

  • A strong signature look is key – flawless, finished and instantly identifiable
  • High end investment in great tailored suits, dresses
  • Day to Night perfection for evening networking and events
  • Perfected and polished dress and jacket options or trousers
  • Shoes that go the distance – kitten heels
  • Never seen in the same thing twice – media scrutiny perhaps

So watch out for updated Pinterest boards for each entrepreneur. I would love to know where you sit and also help you achieve the right style for your entrepreneur profile. Why don’t you join me and growing community of female entrepreneurs turning the volume up on their style.

I would love your comments so please leave a little love note below.

Until next time

Samantha x

  1. Amy Reply
    I love this article Zukuri...looking forward to discovering more about each...
    • samantha Reply
      Glad you loved it Amy, watch this space! Which entrepreneur are you?
  2. Anne-Marie Reply
    OMG i want to be all of these! I find that on different days I may involve the characteristics of one or more of these styles - after reading this I will be asking myself, "Which style am I TODAY?" Big thanks
    • samantha Reply
      Thank you for your comment, that's exactly what I want people to question...Which style am I today?! Yes I do flip between the Creative Hipster, People's Person and Homeworker myself. Make sure you check out my Pinterest boards to give you inspiration for all your style profiles and help you build the right wardrobe :)

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