Hello there ….

I believe wholeheartedly that as a female professional/entrepreneur the health and prosperity of your business relies on you feeling confident in putting yourself out there and looking and feeling the part whilst you do it.

You need a wardrobe that you love and one that screams professionalism, authenticity and style.

But how can you start building this when time is not on your side?

This is where I can help.

A curated capsule wardrobe is achievable but it does require that you invest in YOU and the journey. In a world where we are glued to tablets and phones, dashing from one meeting to the next, finding time to build a wardrobe that suits you perfectly is a challenge.

I’m here to help you:

  • Build and create your signature wardrobe – when you don’t have the headspace or time or vision to give it the attention
  • Provide expert guidance on cut, fabric, colours and designs – that will work perfectly for your body, professional field and style personality
  • Give you a rich and textured shopping experience – (if you have the time) that shows you unique brands and designers that you’ve never experimented with to transform your wardrobe
  • Take some time out and relax – to nourish your mind, body and wardrobe leaving you refreshed to head back into your work with style, poise and presence
  • Perfecting the art of being YOU – nailing just how you want to show up in the world and enjoy the thrill of dressing accordingly


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Who is Samantha Clarke?

  • The style rejuvenation therapist you have been dying to find! Have a listen to my interview here ‘Samantha-Clarke-on-Dream-Corner‘ on my ethos, style thoughts and why I love working with all types of entrepreneurs and professionals with Viv from Dream Corner.
  • I’m a style and people lover, shoe queen geek (having designed and made my own pairs), passionate speaker and researcher extraordinaire
  • Having studied fashion design and footwear, I’m obsessed with the craftsmanship, colours, shapes and symmetry of clothes and the ‘conversations’ that clothes can have. 
  • I love Earl Grey tea, apple crumble and custard, design that makes my heart flutter and meeting strangers
  • My gift in life = Helping people connect the dots and discover new things. I’m a natural supporter
  • I love finding new inspiration online check out my Pinterest and my personal style loves on Tumblr
  • I know what it means to dress successfully in both the corporate and creative worlds. Before retraining as a stylist I was a branding strategist and trend researcher travelling the globe in search of new insights and trends (still haven’t lost my touch)
  • I used to be the shy retiring wallflower-type but a lot of personal discovery helped kick that habit to the curb.
  • I am at my happiest speaking to women, finding out and listening to all their worries about their style and what’s holding them back in their wardrobe. I love to help women navigate their way to what works best for them inside and out to dress successfully. I even wrote a book about it!



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